Saturday, March 3, 2012

Former Chief Electoral Officer discusses seriousness of illegal Conservative Robo Calls

Former Chief Electoral Officer discusses seriousness of alleged Conservative voter suppression charges and impersonation of Elections Canada Officials attributed to Harper's Conservatives in the 2010 election. Jail sentences and stiff fines may result if guilty verdicts are rendered and by-elections may be called in ridings where such activity has effected the result. Hold on to your hats....Thn Harper Government may be thrown out if a few election results are overturned....and it is doubtful with the illegal election fraud, that Conservatives would win any seats that become contested through these by-elections! There is still hope for Canadians!

Is the Harper Government the legitimate Canadian government?

Elections Canada reportedly has received over 30,000 complaints of illegal Robo Calls directing liberal and NDP voters to the wrong polls. Can you trust these guys to run this country?

Get some goons with clubs to insure Liberal and NDP don't vote----Is this the Harper Conservatives Election Strategy?

How are the Conservative Robo Call voter suppresion tactics different from goons standing at the door with clubs in some third world country ensuring that voters are unable to cast their vote? Think of the G20 police violence against Canadian citizens, the Conservative In and Out funding scandals, the $50M misappointed funds to ensure Tony Clements re-election, the peroquing of parliament twice to avoid loss of confidence votes against all parliamentary traditions in Canada...and now the robo calls! Will the very un-Canadian ethics of this Harper Government never end?

Illegal Robo Calls----Deny! Deny! Deny!

Deny! Deny! Deny! That's the conservative Johnny-one-note message re the illegal robo calls redirecting voters to the wrong polls. The other party panelist and the commentator on this CBC TV parliamentary news show raise some interesting questions that remain unanswered by the Conservatives when all the evidence points strongly at these illegal calls being part of their national campaign in over 30 closely contested ridings. As for the Conservatives conducting their own investigation, there have been news reports that they are listening to recordings of the illicit calls and my consern would be their destruction of any incriminating tapes. Hopefully Elections Canada will supoena all of these records before the evidence is destroyed.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Alleged Conservative illegal campaign tactics during May 2, 2011 Federal Election

It is alleged that the Stephen Harper Conservatives used robo calls and live telephone calls from hired calling centers directing non-conservative voters to the wrong polls, with callers and recorded calls often identifying themselves as Election Canada officials, and called many Liberal leaning voters late at night, often with rude calls, saying they were from the Campaign Office of the local Liberal Candidate, and called many Liberal supporters of the Jewish faith on Saturday, their holy day. Elections Canada has received over 30,000 such complaints and, along with the RCMP, have launched an investigation into these alleged illegal election practices. According to the longtime Commissioner of Elections Canada, these practices could result in jail time for those committing the offences and also result in by-elections from a null and void election result where the calls were seen to result in unduly influencing the election outcome. As expected, the Harper Conservatives are vehemently denying any wrongdoing while the opposition Liberals and NDP Parties are calling for investigations of the practices

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