Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Jobs Done---No more Need For This Blog

Amazing, that as a formerly faithful Federal Conservative Candidate in Oshawa's 1990 Byelection, and one of two first candidates in the Nation called on to support and test Prime Minister Mulroney's two new gro├║ndbreaking policies, Free Trade with America and a new consumption tax, the GST, in an election, that I should have embarked on the writing of this blog, to work to unseat a Conservative Government.

To me the change of party allegiance was a no-brainer!  I recognized early that Stephen Harper did not reflect my values, nor I suspected those of Canada or Canadians, and thus embarked on this project in 2008.  In 2015, Canadians caught up to me and turfed the bum.

Good thing!  Because with Harper's Bill C51 (Canada's Antiterrorism Bill) which undermined Canadian's Free Speech and Canada's Bill of Rights and Freedoms enshrined in the Constitution,  I might have been tossed into jail as an enemy of the state for speaking out against Harper and his right wing Conservative Party.

The crunch came with the Oct.19 Election following the longest Election Campaign in Canada's history, when the Canadian Electorate threw him out in favour of Justin Trudeau, whose positive campaign style and ability to meet people convinced Canadians to bring out the Harper hook

Harper's total campaign cosisted of promoting hate and fear (chiefly of Moslems and female face veils), and vilifying his opponents painting bleak pictures of resultant economic catastrophes if he was not re-elected to "stay the course" with his failed economic policies.  Constant attack ads for example painted winner Justin Trudeau as "just not ready---nice hair though!"

Ging forward, this blog will continue to exist in cyberspace only simply to document this dark cloud in Canada's history with the hope that we never again elect a demagogue hell-bent on destroying the best of what Canada stood for---respect and tolerance for all our fellow Canadians and a strong safety net of social policies like Universal Health Care and the Canada Pension Plan.

Finally---Stephen Harper's Politics of Fear and Hate is gone!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Did Harper Lose? How could he win?

There were hndreds of reuasons for Harper Conservative's alienation and loss of trust. Writ large, the chief reasons can be briefly listed: overbearing administration, abandonment of the provinces, Machiavellian politics, corruption and arrogance.

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The Record Stephen Harper Leaves Behind

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